Why I blog about Brain Power Building? – Reason behind

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The topic of Brain Power is very enormous if you search on the internet. It is a wide topic and many websites have been appearing and giving different thoughts. With a sound mind and healthy brain, we human being will be able to survive at ease in this world. Most people would wish to have a powerful mind and throughout centuries human race continue to seek for a better mind, some to conquer the world, others to help the disadvantages.

One reason for me to choose this topic as my first niche market for creating an online website, is for my  youngest daughter. She has been diagnosed with Global Development Delayed at the very young age, probably one year plus. Doctor said she has epilepsy and when doctor told me my daughter will not be able going to the main stream school for education, I cried. My wife was so shocked that I cried with the doctor presence. Even now when I blog about this incident, my heart still feel the pain. I wish there are some magic formula which I can find on the internet, while I blog and research for answer. But, there isn’t magic until today while I search the Internet each day. No… not as of today.

Will I stop? No… never. I will continue to blog and seek for better solution. Even with slight improvement, there is help. The world has become very complex and things change very fast within a year. How my daughter going to face this world? I am worry. I want my website – Brain Power Building, to help people or those parents with kids having epilepsy to have a good brain, a brain that powerful enough to live a life that they entitle to. Epilepsy can damage the hippocampus of our brain and affect the memory. According to neuroscientist Dr Theodore Berger, hippocampus help to form short-term memory in our brain. It helps to send short-term memory to other part of the brain for long-term memory storage.

To know more about epilepsy, visit Epilepsy website for more. There are some tips which I find useful to certain extent and you may want to adopt.

Brain Power Building

Helping people with Epilepsy

Since my youngest daughter is still young, and a lot of learning takes place in the first few years of a child’s life, I want to improve her brain power since she already been delayed globally. Many habits are also formed during this period, and I want her to acquire the right habits and with her throughout her life, even when I am not around in this world.

Many of the words we said to our child has a strong emotional impact on them, and may become reality in their mind. Therefore, we must phrase our words correctly and with positive emotion. Do not inject any fear element or negative message when we communicate with our child. Although attitude is the result of our child reaction to our word, that part we have no control of their response but we can control the words we tell them. Avoid or move away from activities which associate with discomfort or pain (physically or emotionally).

Other reason of me choosing this niche, is also to improve my own Brain Power. With a better mind, I may able to find a better solution and help my daughter. I would expect myself to continue supporting her throughout her life in this world, as long as I am still alive. To support her, I too need a healthy brain and the answer to this, is research on the wonderful Internet and apply what I learned during the process.

Brain Power by Marilyn vos Savant & Leonore Fleischer

I was energised and excited by this book when I read the preface. Fill with hopes and expectations, I bought it at Kinokuniya Sogo Bookstore in Singapore on July 11th, 1991.

Who will not want this book when you read below messages:

”The Power and capacity of your brain and intelligence can be exercised and strengthened like any muscle in the body. If


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