Using Pomodoro Technique

Today (Jan 2, 2017) I learned about a new technique to help improve our brain power, so we can complete our task in shorter times and also achieve our goal faster. This technique is called Pomodoro Technique. According to this technique, we use a timer (can use our smartphone apps) and set it to 25 minutes and start working on your goal. Once the timer ring, we stop for a break of 5 minutes and later start another 25 minutes work. Repeater this process 3 times and at the end of the 3rd times take a longer break of 20~25 minutes break.

To know more about this Pomodoro Technique, you may visit Cirillo Company for more information. There is in depth guide to teach you how to use this technique in your work at office. I believe this technique will greatly improve your brain power and use it to realise your goal in time. It will help to improve your productivity and stop your procrastination.

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