Release Your Brakes !

I found this book in one of the local bookstores in Singapore and have bought it on July 15th, 1985. It has been 30 years from that time while I was still a student in Singapore Polytechnics. This book is still with me and I read it occasionally and I believe some of the topics did have influences on me as a person. I do believe that at my age now (50 years old) it is still applicable most of the topics covered in this book.

Wish to take this opportunity to share with every one of you visiting my website, wanting to improve your brain power so you are able to face your life with better skill. Also to remind myself the usefulness of this book and continue to grow my life to manage it better.

Here is the book you can buy at Amazon Online Store:

This book teaches you how to release those brakes which hinder your growth. When we have brake put on us, you will not be able to move swiftly and all things we do will be affected. In order to improve our performance, the author of this book “Release your brakes” – James W. Newman tell us to have positive feeling of the thing we want to do. With feel good effect, our mind get motivated and we will be able to perform at peak performance.

As mentioned by James, average person uses only a fraction of his potential. There are tremendous potential lies within everyone of us. We need to find ways to get our potential out, once we able to do it our life will never be the same. Stay tune with this book, and you will see the wonder.

Positive Emotions

The important message this book to us is, negative emotions will stop us from achieving our potential. To be happy and realise our dream, we need to eliminate those negative thoughts from our mind. Negative emotions like fear of failure/rejection/pain/success are stopping us from getting what we want. We must fill our minds with positive emotions like joy, happiness, confidence, love, passions and courage. All these positive thinkings will help us in our daily life and we should make a habit to let these thinkings fill up our mind.

Main Braking Factor

Fear – There are many kind of fears and all of these fears will affect our performance. Fear of pain, fear of failure, fear of rejection, even fear of success is also one kind of fears we will encounter.


As suggested by James, one way to release this main braking factor, is to use Constructive Imagination technique. Simply, teaching us how to use our imagination in positive way to create good feeling in our mind so we have positive emotion towards the thing we going to do and handle.

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