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It is here to help you increase your brain power so you are able to handle your daily challenges. A sound mind will enable you to face each day with great confidence and enjoy your life in this world.

Sit well and enjoy your stay within this wonderful website which I have created for everyone in this world.


The secret to have a more powerful and intelligence mind is to widen your viewpoint to include every perspective. You need to stop seeing through just your eyes alone. You must see through universal eyes.

This is the essential task you can pick up to increase your intellectual power. With determination and proper method, you will be smarter tomorrow than you are today. Our mind can stretch, tone, condition to perform task require by us.

The difference between human and animal is, we ask questions but animal don’t. Humans are curious about everything, thus many questions are being asked and that lead to our human progress.

Beware of how our brain function! Be a Brain Builder, an open and inquiring, doubting and questioning, fully functioning mind. Practice opening our eyes and mind, start asking questions about the most routine things in our life. Taking nothing for granted. Know why we do what we do. Do not take the world around us for granted. The world is filled with many ideas, new things and when we open our mind many wonderful things will happen, including our intelligence.

Usually human dislike the unfamiliar and reluctance to wander into unexplored intellectual territory. This will do our mind great damage and we are wounding ourselves intellectually. When we have an instinctive dislike and mistrust of the unfamiliar, we will be in for a tough time in making intellectual progress. Human tendency to put aside one’s own thinking and accept the thinking of others. Very often, we have the pressure to go along with the group and feel more comfortable, safer in a group. Do not let other people to direct your thinking, otherwise you will stop thinking for yourselves.


  1. I really like the way you explained this and I agree we need to exercise the muscles as far as working to strength it by doing things with it as far as using your imagination and problem solving

  2. Dear David,
    Very appreciate your helpful comment on my site. With sound mind we can contribute more to the society and make this world a better place to live.

  3. Hello Thomas, what a great article this is. I am happy this is pointing out to everyone out there, the need to have a more relaxed and balanced mind. The brain is the processor for the whole body, and if that is diseased, of course it affects everything else. We all need this kind of education. Thank you very much.

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