Our environment play a very important role in shaping us. Human is the only living creature in this world to have the gift to alter the world around us to meet our needs.

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With the right environment, we can perform the following 10 exercises to improve our brain power:

  1. Vocabulary building
  2. Building a calculating brain
  3. Make your mind a logical brain
  4. Build insight and intuition
  5. Orientation building
  6. Attention span and senses building
  7. Communication building
  8. Building information
  9. Building comprehension
  10. Perspective building

The easy way to get started on a simple exercise is to find something you like, for example swimming, running or tai chi. Regular exercise is important and study has shown  that it can delay symptom onset. Learning another language will help your brain power to become smarter. It makes your brain to think deeper, thus creating more thought inside your brain.

Ask, and question those things you do not understand. By knowing those things you do not know and find out more about topics which you do not comprehend. This action makes your brain become smarter and generate higher creative in your thoughts.

A healthy body lead to a powerful brain

It is important to maintain a healthy body to keep our brain fit. EIMS – Exercise is Medicine Singapore has come up few video clips for us to keep our body healthy.

Feel free to visit EIMS for all the exercises you can learn to keep your body healthy, leading to a healthy brain resulting a power brain for you.

Watch the video here:

Simple exercise like walking, running, mountain hiking, swimming, cycling will help our brain development. They help to bring oxygen to our brain, thus improving our brain power. This was especially true for certain parts of our brain, one of them is hippocampus which controls the memory and cognition functions.

For those of you prefer to play some games to improve your brain power, here is the link which you can access and have some fun.

Brain Games


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