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Have you ever thought about improving your brain power?
I believe most of us do, but do not know the way and method. With a better brain power, we will be able to live better and help to make this world a better place to live.

It is this spirit of finding ways to improve our brain power, therefore I decided to create this website to guide myself and also others, what are the methods we can adopt to improve the most important asset of our body.  I started creating content on June 23rd, 2015 to provide mental training guide so we can build up our brain power. By learning and sharing, we improve together.

I wish with the mental training guide, we will be able to:

  • build the power and capacity of our brain and intelligence
  • increase our vocabulary
  • strengthen our attention span and our senses
  • develop a logical mind
  • accept challenges and solve problems
  • improve our power of reasoning and comprehension
  • expand our viewpoint
  • realise our full potential and live life to the fullest

With the wonderful guide on this website, you do not need a degree to improve your brain power. You just need to come here often and find the ways around.

Think Your Own Not Follow Others

Many at times, we follow what other people said and done. We read newspaper, book, articles, listen to other speeches, etc and fail to think on our own. It is good to learn from others but one very important skill we failed to learn this, think through what others said or what we read, are they making sense or logical? Then we follow and apply. Do not follow blindly, we will never learn. Our mind is our own, we need to judge what come into my brain, and figure out what best to accept and response to it.

This is the essence of how to improve our brain power. I believe this is the way to do it. Let’s start doing it now.

Take active control of your thought processes

Our mind is the most important asset of our whole body and it is critical for us to take active control of it. Each day, we think many things and we dream a lot as well. Therefore, we need to ensure that those thoughts in our mind is the right one for you, and also cultivate our behaviours. If we think negatively, we will act badly and may hurt others. When we think positively and image the world is a loving place, we will act happily in our earthly life and react warmly to others. Always make an effort to know what is in your thought and plant the good one inside your brain, the mind of yours.

Blogging Make You Smart

When we blog or writing article, we think and put our finger into work. Our mind start thinking all sorts of idea and facts, it is this free spirit which we should treasure and let it flow freely within our brain. I can feel it now because this is what happening in my mind now while my finger typing all these words on the computer screen. There is no book which trying to impact my thinking, all the ideas of word come completely from my brain. Do you see this?

Good experience and it free our mind without all the frame and walls restricting or influencing our thinking. This is creative thinking in process and I believe it will help us think more precise and thereby improve our brain power. I feel totally at ease and fully control of my thinking. Once our mind is free from all sorts of restricting parameters, we feel the world has no limit and it is all up to our imagination.

Start Creating Website Of Your Own

Too many news and articles are flowing in the internet and we tends to read it all times. We have become accustomed to what other said and fail to think on our own. What is the solution to cure this problem?

Create your own website and start creating your own articles!

Building your website using SiteRubix

The Best Website Builder In The World

This is the way to go and the method I am suggesting to all of you. By creating your own website and post article of your own. Put your thoughts and idea down and let your thinking go freely. Your brain power will increase and mental ability become more powerful. Never in my life I find it so powerful when I create my own word on the internet. The whole world is going to see your words. You become what you are and share the world how you think and what you care about.

I offer you 2 free website for you to build

In order to create website of your own, you need to find a tool which offer you a simple way to create your own website and start posting your own article. How?

I have it for you. Visiting Siterubix to create 2 free websites. These 2 free websites are free for you to explore. Once you find the kick of it, you decide whether to go premium or not. Do not worry? You are in control. Fully by yourself. As I mentioned, I want you to be in full control of your mind and brain, therefore you decide by yourself. Experience the 2 free websites I am offering you and see yourself the brain power improvement you see in the weeks ahead.

Get Started now

Want to get started to improve your brain power and allowing you to face your life with better skills and more confidence? Let’s start now and explore what Wealthy Affiliate platform has on offer and check it yourself. Me too started with the free membership at Siterubix and see how other members interact and helping each other within the community. You will believe what I said and can engage further by checking it yourself.

Blogging to improve your brain power

Who ever tell you, you are not able to improve your brain power do not know the tool. I have it here for you. Blogging is the best technique I find will increase our mind power and expand the brain intellect. When you blog, we start thinking what to put down in our content and all the creativity start to flow in our mind. And the best part is blogging the right way can also make a living and earn good income for us. Want to know more? Check out another wonderful site of mine at “Online business for 50 years old and above“.

Book to improve your Brain Power

I love to read since young and found this book back in July 11th, 1991 in Singapore’s Sogo Kinokuniya bookstore. This book is still with me for 25 years, from 1991 till now 2017, and I read it often to keep improving my brain power. Hope you also like it and you may purchase it from the Amazon store. I bought it in 1991 at S$29.90 and now you can get it cheaply at Amazon for less than US$2. Very worth for your money.

More websites are starting to provide useful tips for us to boost our brain and maximize our memory.

Feel free to take a look at the content and adopt some ideas if you feel comfortable about them. It is a learning process we human need to go through and learn from experiences.


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