Beginning to Think and Grow Rich by yourself

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Do you want to be rich? If yes, you need to think about how to get rich and keep reminding yourself about this.

Keep looking for ways to make yourself rich. You will find a way to be rich one day. Keep doing it everyday and each moment. I guarantee you that one day you will succeed in getting rich.

This is the beginning of my journey to get rich by myself. For the past 30 years, I have been making my employers rich. Now, is the time to make myself rich.

Come back here often, to read my success stories. Also, by using this platform here I want to keep reminding myself to always Think and Grow Rich.

Inspiration on Oct 10th 2020

The thought of starting this journal is inspired by the book of Napoleon Hill and William Clement Stone, how important is the Positive Mental Attitude to our mind.

Both are great men and they have written many motivational books inspiring millions of American to live a better life. I believe what they said, “Anything our mind can conceive, if we believe it, we can achieve it”

I will be reading the copy of the book “A Year of Growing Rich” by Napoleon Hill each chapter every week, and localize its content and find ways to apply the concept and the reading into my daily life.

I want to see in real life, how this habit will change my life? As I write here, I believe by doing this repeatedly, it will make me Rich after one year. Since my mind can conceive this method, and I believe it will happen. Therefore, I can achieve it one year from now.

William Clement Stone said, ” Motivation is a fire that need to keep refueling so that it can continue to burn”. I belive it, so I can achieve it.

What Our Mind Conceive and Believe, We can Achieve

The concept of what we can think in our mind and we believe that we can do it, and we will be able to achieve it. This concept is proven and I did it myself many times, so you can too.

Recall what I did yesterday, I wanted to meet up with my council Chairman, the purpose is to promote myself, and also build rapport with him. I decided to whatsApp him and see whether he is in office.

He responded Is Availabe in his office. I then proceed and call him on the phone, telling him I wanted to meet him at his office. He agreed and I went up.

There you see, everything according to what my mind conceived. I believed I am able to meet him personally and talked to him directly, and this was my first time meeting Chairman alone.

Before the meeting, I have planned what to discuss with him, so I did my homework of preparation. This help me to be prepared and more confidence, knowing what to say and control what the meeting content and purpose is all about.

Planning is a key part of our daily life and also our approach in handling daily challenges and issues. With proper and advanced planning, thing will work out according to our plan, mostly and smoothly.

The other proven case which work, is I have conceived in my mind to persuaded the council to create website for the Industrial Estate. Council Chairman and Treasurer have agreed and have requested me to gather quotation.

I have gathered 4 quotation and have summarized and proposed one agency for them to review. You see, this is another proven case whereby thing conceived in my mind and I believe it can be done, and now I am halfway achieving it.

I believed and agreed with what Napoleon Hill said, “As long as we can think of and we feel that it is possible to realize it, and we believe it strongly, we surely can achive it.”

What is Your Purpose in Life

Napoleon Hill tell us that we need to plan for our life. Life with a purpose will guide us in our daily life. We will know what to do each day, and it will provide us the direction we need to go after each day.

I have long wanted to setup my company, and I plan to get it done by this year. What I need to do in order to get it done? Planning and research. These are the 2 basic things I should start doing.

You may ask me, why I wanted to setup my business?

With my own business, I am able to grow rich faster and have better control over my income. I am not young anymore and is 55 years old this year. Which company willing to employ people like me of this age? Not many companies so don’t waste time anymore.

With my own company, I can market any product and service I like and I can control how I want to run my company operation. The power and freedom to decide things by myself make me feel good and excited about it.


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