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Have you ever wonder, when is the best time of the day to study for your examination? Some say morning, other say evening. So, which one do you prefer?

To give you some idea, we have research and would like to share with you in my blog here.

One of the findings we have concluded is, the feeling of your emotion at the time of studying is important. Positive emotions like enthusiasm, energy, confidence will give you a boost in your learning. However, negative emotions like distress, anxiety and anger will slow down your ability in study.

happy and smile

When people talk about the potential of a person, we need to go deeper into the meaning of it. There is a general statement, saying that the average person uses only a fraction of his potential. Why so?

Let’s us look at this formula:

your potential = your genetic blueprint + knowledge/skills acquired + inner motivation + emotions

As you can see from the above formula, “emotions” is one of the dimensions in the formula. Positive emotion will release your potential but negative emotion will hinder it. Therefore, manage your emotion well and you will be on the path to a happy life. How you feel about yourself, the feelings you have about the task ahead, and how you feel other people think of you also has an impact on your potential.

Positive emotions will help you function effectively, freely and easily. When you have feelings like joy, enthusiasm, pride, love and confidence stay in your brain, your potential will be released. However, negative emotions like fear and  anxiety will limit your potential. Especially the emotion of fear, it is the most damaging emotion in the human history. Fear of physical pain, fear of failure, fear of rejection and even fear of success can bring you down in your life. So, be careful about your negative emotion. Do not let it kill your potential. Be yourself and keep upright to defend the negative impact of fear.

  Believe in me

A lot has been talked about emotions. It impacts on how you feel about yourself and your world. Luckily, we are able to control our emotions by making it positive. You can decide what you think, by controlling our thoughts. Human are animal of habit, therefore we can keep our thoughts positive mostly, we will have position emotions within us and this help to release our brake.

When we are learning new thing, it is not advisable to cram everything in short time. The brain prefers to learn thing in stages, therefore it is better to have several 30-minute studying sessions spread out over various weeks. Research has shown that by staying up whole night to study will have a negative impact on your memory and reasoning.

You can check out below video for study tips!


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