The Bioelectronic Medicine

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The potential of Bioelectronic Medicine is huge, with big companies like Google parent company Alphabet and GlaxoSmithKline joining hand to develop the future medicines in curing us. Bioelectronic medicines use implants to simulate nerves in our body, and there have been various animal tests with promising results showing us the medicines can cure some chronic diseases.

How the Bioelectronic Medicine works? It is actually using miniature implanted devices into our body to modify electrical signals in body nerves.

bioelectronic medicine

Bioelectronic Medicine

New technologies are emerging in developing healthcare software and hardware to cure various diseases. Doctors are finding ways to help human to solve chronic diseases which are unsolvable at current stage. In the future, we do not need to take pill anymore. What we need is to press a button that trigger the implanted device in our body to stimulate the nerve, to correct a problem in our body without the intake of drug.

Bioelectronic Medicine’s Expert

I hope one day my daughter epilepsy will be cured by the Bioelectronic Medicine.

Well-know neurosurgeon Kevin Tracy, who is the president and CEO of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, has been the pioneer in this Bioelectronic Medicine. I strongly support Dr Kevin in promoting the use of bioelectronic medicine as the new way to cure chronic diseases.


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