How To Use Your Imagination To Improve Your Brain Power

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Imagination is such a big word and this is proven by google that this word on the search engine. It was found to have 9388 searches on Google Search Engine. Have you ever consider, how to use your imagination to improve your brain power? Today I have been thinking about this topic for long and decided to create a content or blog post to share it with others.

use your imagination to improve your brain power

Look at the picture above, it shows the message that “The man who has no imagination has no wings”. This is such a powerful message telling you how importance Imagination can be …

When you are young, you imagine to have a girlfriend of some sort like having a pretty face and long hair. You imagine that one day she will go out with you for show, when you are not even calling her out. The imagination can become very vivid that you think of her most of the times in the day. Good imagination can help you, but it can also hurt you. It is a double edge sword.

Some couples become very passion towards each other, and this is largely due to their feel good imagination in their mind when they are together. Their mind fill with all kinds of nice images and happy thoughts.

James W. Newman has a book ” Release Your Brake” teaching us using Constructive Imagination to improve your professional and personal life. He has given us a good advise, to utilise our imagination to make our life better.

Therefore, go for it and start getting all kind of good imagination in our mind. Fill up our thoughts with images of what we want. That feeling will make us motivated to do it further and excite us for the extra mile we intend to pursue.

I am feeling excited while blogging about this topic – Imagination right now. Does Imagination really help in our life? No one can comment on it, until he or she really apply it in their daily life and see its effect after the application.

Will my life become better?
Only time will tell when I apply what I learned today – Using my imagination to fill my mind with those images I want to have, to be in that position, in the environment, etc.

Before you put the imagination into practice, one more important concept you need to remember is –> Emotion dimension that you are going to handle. When you have good emotion, like happy, calm, steady your life is going to become better. And how are you going to get the good emotion? It is through Imagination.

By imagine you are happy, you are smart, you are lucky, you are wonderful it will lead you to feel good throughout the day and you tend to open your heart to others.

imagine you are happy

Visualisation has the same effect as imagination. Neuroscientist has proven that visualisation can help in our learning, and by using mental image in our brain we improve our learning effectiveness.



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