12-Week To Improve Your Brain Power

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Is it possible to improve your brain power in 12 weeks time?

I believe it can be and I am going to prove you that it works. Below is the book which I am reading now and I will tell you whether my brain power has increased after the 12th week. You may purchase it from Amazon bookstore. Just click the picture below and it will bring you to the online store for you to buy and read.

Marilyn vos Savant has a very high IQ score of 230 and with her precise thinking method we can learn from her much and apply in our daily life. I wish anyone reading her book will benefit from her thoughts and resulting a greater mind in your brain power.

According to Marilyn, our brain power can be exercised and strengthened. She has written this book with 12-week training programme for us to follow. By following her training, our intelligence increase and also our vocabulary, memory, attention span, comprehension, reasoning and logic.

Let’s start the programme….

<Week 1, today is July 27>

Marilyn taught us this week we must widen our viewpoint to include every perspective and learn to ask “Why?”. People who let others direct their thinking eventually will stop thinking for themselves.


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