Brain Training Exercises Seniors

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What are the training exercises that are good for the brain of seniors? As we grow older, we may have dementia and it is important for us to find ways to minimise the risk.

US-based brain training programme provider Posit Science has a lot of resources on their website at BrainHQ.com for you to explore. By some kind of intervention, we want to delay the development of dementia. Intervention exercise can be memory improvement, reasoning, speed training, etc. We should constantly train our brain to be active, ask question, solving problem and other challenging questions.

Keep Thinking The Task You Want To Do In Mind

To accomplish your goal or task you want to do, you must keep that in your mind at all times. When your mind is full of thoughts of the goal or task you wish to get it, you will remind yourself to do it again and again. Human tends to get sidetrack often, especially with the modern age whereby we have a lot of distractions surrounding us. We will go and do other thing and de-focus of what we want to achieve. By filling our mind with those thoughts or thinking that what we want to do, it will remind and energise us to do it soon.

keep your thought in mind

I have done it myself and can see the real effect on me. By filling my mind with the task I want to do later while I am having my bath, I am eager to accomplish the task after my bath. When we focus on one task at each time, we can focus all our energy on that goal/task and complete the task in soonest time with good result. Action pack with our mind with those task we want to achieve. This is the best way I feel can help us to improve our brain power and keep our brain power more focus.



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