Play Golf to improve Brain Power

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Does playing golf help us to improve our brain power?
I believe so and would encourage those who like to improve their brain power to take up this skill.

To play well in golf, we will need some good strategies to work on the golf course. And I truly believe golf is one of the great sports which golfer can really enjoy and improve their mental toughness.

How do you learn to play golf in Singapore?
You may consider learning about those top golfers in Singapore. One of my favorites is Ms Koh Sock Hwee. She is the first Singaporean golfer to play the Korean LPGA tour.  Ms Koh only turned professional in February 2016 and I see her having great future in the coming years. She has become the face of women’s golf in Singapore.

In order to play well in golf, we need to learn how to manage stress and pressure during the game. This is one of the important factors in managing our brain.

Good golfers have strong mental strength and are more patience in general.

Golf terms you often encounter

To enjoy your golf games, it is better for you to know some terms :

  • double-bogey
  • birdie
  • others

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