Using Constructive Imagination to improve brain power

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When you experience something very strongly in your imagination, it become almost real. Just like some of our dreams, we feel that it really happen when we wake up from it.

We think in words, pictures/images and with emotions. Therefore, learning more words help us think better and improve our brain power. As for pictures and images, vivid color and strong contrast help us to imagine deeper. Last but not least, strong emotion while we are thinking about a particular topic reinforce our feeling with that topic.

No one else can develop an attitude within your system. Only you can do that. Think about your attitude as a scale moving from left to right, and right to left constantly. On one side, you may assume to be negative and the other side to be positive. For example, you put the right side to be positive and left side as negative. Whenever you have negative thought in your attitude, the left side with negative ingredient will increase with weightage and thus the scale move down pulling your negative attitude in your perception of this world. In contrary, when you have positive thought, the right side become more heavy with the scale pulling down and your positive attitude in life become stronger.

Positive attitude

Constructive imagination require you to get positive encouragement from the task you are doing. Once the feeling is positive and good, more of that is being encouraged to do again and again. Human has a nature to do things that let us feel good, thus whenever our action let other people feel good we are more than happy to do it again. When couple come together and they feel good with each other, they tend to want more of each other and will meet more often. In our typical life experience, when we imagine that a particular restaurant have good food, chances for us to visit that restaurant to have the meal become high. Every moment of our action beginning with imagination. Therefore, constructive imagination teach us to treat our mind with positive imagination, if we want to do it or have it.

Start have a good imagination of the thing you want, do it today, now, and you will see the effect immediately. Believe me, it work. The more you feel good about the subject you imagine, the more you want it.

  wnat more, the more I imagine

Put this to work in our day-to-day life and you are almost certain to see the effect. Whenever other people talk negative about you or gossiping about negative topics, you can choose to ignore and think otherwise. Do not put negative message on your scale and in long run, you will become more positive in life. Always reinforce our positive feeling with reward and our outlook in life will become brighter and shinny. Respond to all things with positive reactions, even though the message that you are receiving from someone else appears to be very negative, your self-talk can respond in a positive way.

Happy faces always

There are three steps to develop a constructive pattern:

  1. A positive feeling about the activity
  2. Acquire the information through training or experience
  3. Repeat the activity

The more our attitude incline toward the positive side, the more we become happier in life and radiate higher confidence. Our decisions and actions depend on what we know and feel about ourselves and the world around us. We build our character, step by step, piece by piece with our own thoughts and feelings. It is how we feel about what we “know” that matter, not what you “know”. Remember, the word “feel”.

Allow those positive words we use in our thinking to trigger an experience in our imagination. And then let positive emotions to go with the experience and flow through our system. Words are important in our thinking process, but experience is even more important. It is our experience that control and guide our behaviour. Most important is the emotional dimension.

Constructive imagination is not positive thinking, it is Positive Feeling.



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