Train your brain be happy

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Everyone wants to be happy but only some of us manage to live a happy life. So, what is the magic behind to be happy? This has been an important subject many of us want to know. It is not the rich or the beautiful or the smart or lucky people who were happy. Although happiness is related to money but money alone does not provide happiness. The happiest people on earth are those who know how to train their brain to be happy.

Neuroscience is the study of our brain and in recent years have discovered many new insights about the brain. Our brain can be improved and expanded so that we can live a more fulfilling and happy life. The way that you view the world around you and the associations that you make with your surrounding, are within your control. Neuroscience is now exploring how our lifelong learning occurs in our brain.


Neuroplasticity refers to our brain has the ability to change its physical structure and to repair damaged regions. Our brain can grow new neutrons and get rid of old neutrons, reassign part of the brain from one task to another. Because of our brain’s neuroplasticity, we can train our brain to be happy.

Our brain cannot distinguish between recorded experience and internal fantasy. We can program our mind with images of happiness and spend time visualizing the desired images with enough times, our brain will think that those images are real and it did happen and will associate happiness with them. This is technique which Constructive Imagination used.

fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery)

There may be a day when a skilled neuroscientist can view an fMRI image of our brain and able to advise us where are our talents; what are our thinking, behavioral and emotional problem. By then, brain images can reveal a lot of information about us.

train your brain to be happy

What we think about and how we think really matter, but our thoughts can create new realities. There is now scientific evidence that if you envision something thoroughly and often enough, it can come. What you think, do, and say matters and it affects who you become on the outside, on the inside, and in your brain.

Study has found that our left brain is responsible for our emotions and meditation helps in stabilizing our emotions. We can train to think and focus on compassion, empathy and happiness. This is the power of positive thinking. When you regularly focus on the good feelings around you and inside you, e.g. kindness, patience, compassion and empathy, those neurons involved in these thoughts will become more active, wire together and take up more space.

Researchers have reported that people can feel joy by imagining those emotions and the types of movement go along with laughing. Imagined laughter can reduce our sadness but imagined crying will reduce our happiness.

We can train our brain to make us happy and what is required from us, is the skill of focus, dedication, action and persistence.

Feeling happy is very important to us. When we feel good, it will stimulate our brain to function better and all the nerve connections become well connected to each other. Our cognition and productivity improve with happiness. We also able to analyse and think well with happy brain.


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