The important of emotion in every part of our life

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Do not discount the word “emotion”?

Emotion affects every part of our life. When come to stock market, emotion can create havoc in time of chaos. When the stock market is plunging, everyone try to exit the market and it create fear among all the investors. Negative emotion run high and affecting most people. When you have the fear, you may follow the herd and sell along. Does investors make rational decisions all the times? Most of them not. Some investors choose to stay safe, by investing on dividend stocks and blue chips. Does this create long term income to you? Not for me as I believe in putting efforts to earn a living and therefore I founded onlinebusinessfor50.com to provide guidance for everyone to work for themselves.

Same goes for our daily life. When you have negative emotion of public speaking, you will be afraid to go up and give a speech. When you are in a group meeting, or at dinner table with large group of friends, if you fear of what other people think of your words and feel not sure, you speak softly and dare not to open up yourself. But, when you feel confident about yourself, about your past and future, you speak loudly and confidently with everyone. You voice your opinion, your thoughts, your believe and your dream with conviction. This is how important emotion play in our daily life.

Therefore, take seriously about your emotion. Make very sure that you have positive emotion each moment of the day. always allow good feeling, confidence fill up your minds.


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