Exercise our brain power

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The power and capacity of our brain can be exercised and strengthened. Like the muscle in our body, our intelligence can improve as long as we take the time to exercise it. Our abilities and potential will be fully realized. According to scientist, our brain has the ability to recover from any brain damage and it is known as neuroplasticity.

Sharpen our brain

When we stretch our mind, our vocabulary, memory, attention span and powers of comprehension, reasoning and logic also increased. By learning the beauty and simplicity of precise thinking, we are able to improve our personal and professional life. We will view the world more clearly, accept new challenges and make confident decisions, solve problems and open our mind to new concepts. Our self esteem, confidence and happiness will also be maximized.

We will start slowly and gradually strengthen our thinking. 3 months later, we will see the results!

Take charge of our brain. When it comes to our body, we are our own boss. Take care of our brain and enjoy this lovely world. Key point to take note is, take active control of our thought processes. Learn to trust yourself and your intelligence will increase.

One of the ways to exercise our brain power is blogging. When we blog, we can write down our thought and it will be difficult to put our thought down in smooth flow. But, as more practice the flow become much better. Every thing we do in life need practice, it is the same for blogging. At this moment, I am typing my thought down on this page while my mind flowing with various thought. At first the thoughts may be messy but in times to come it will become more meaningful and you will be surprise how much you have improved on it. Believe, and have faith on your ability. 

believe and have faith

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