Is there an easy way to build up our brain power?

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Many of us want to improve our brain power so we are able to compete with others and better than them. But, what is the easy way for us to build up our brain power?

If you google the internet, you will found out there are many methods which you can consider. So how do we choose the best to work on? Personally I feel that in order to power up our brain, we need to allow our mind to have the freedom of thinking and act. Remove all the limitation factors and start thinking your own way. Give a thought of the subject you wish to handle, and create the suitable environment for you to think freely.

I have been practicing with my own thought, whenever I need to make a decision. Be it business related or personal matter, I now put forward my thinking much easily when I have Group meeting with others. Commenting on other websites and developing good content for my website help me to think more logically and precisely. Ask, if I am in doubt and from there learn the new word or phrases to compliment our direction.

Allowing our mind to have own thought will free us from rigid thinking and stimulate more idea in our mind for us to choose the best option available. When we create our own option, we tend to put more emphasis on it and stick with our chosen option and find way to realise it.

Here, I would like to offer other easy ways to improve your IQ from average to super level:

Improve your brain power with workout

Studies have shown that physical exercise help to improve our brain power. By doing workout, we can increase our problem solving skill and boosts long-term memory. Running, swimming, do push-ups and play golf are all the good workouts we can do. When we exercise, endorphins are released to increase the blood flow to our brain.

Eat the right nutrients to feed our brain

Among all the meals, breakfast is the most important one we must take care of, which a lot of us tend to neglect due to the waking time. A good breakfast should contain proteins, nutrients and healthy fats. Egg is the best and easy option we can take because it contains plenty of proteins. Drinking beet juice help to increase blood flow to your brain. Lentils and spinach are good for our brain too. Stay hydrated, eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily and drink at least six glasses of water.

Focus your daily commitments

If you have decided to do a particular task on that day, do it with focus and complete it. Commit yourself to finish it by the day. By using this technique, you are able to prioritise your goal for the day and streamline your work and thereby increase your brain capability.

Avoid distractions

When doing a task, try not to be affected by other distractions. Be focus and complete each task before moving on to do other thing. Study shown that too many distractions will lower your IQ by 10 points over a long period of time.

Set morning time for your deep work

Our brain work best in the morning because there isn’t any outside distraction yet. Therefore, it is advisable to do our deep work during morning schedule. Deep works refers to reading, writing, analysing, critical thinking and problem solving. All these activities require analytical thinking skills which can be accomplished in the morning.

Stay happy to keep good mood

With good mood we tend to perform better and our brain will have better perspective in all things. We are the control of our brain, therefore always keep a happy mood for each day to broaden our brain capacity. With good mood lead us to have a wider perspective for the day.

Have enough sleep

Not enough sleep will affect our brain functions and impact our cognitive functions and behaviour like arousal, attention, memory, EQ and making decision. Experts warn that if after 16 hours without any sleep our brain will start loosing it normal function and as time goes on it may become worst.

Our mind needs rest and it is even more important after an examination. The brain needs time to recuperate and recharge. When we have sufficient rest, our concentration, focusing, recalling and remembering information is much stronger.

Be observant

Always observe your surrounding to keep an eye on what is happening around you. When people say particular person is smart, usually it is because that person has observed those things which others do not. Simple thing like sunshine, you may observe what time at that moment and get yourself familiar with the daylight of the surrounding. You will be able to differentiate whether it is summer or winter period by the sunset timing.

Have reading habit

Reading help to improve our brain functions and it is even useful than the workout. When we read more, we allow our mind to be more open to new idea leading to new solution. We also tend to empathise with others when we have an open mind. Try to pick up a book once or twice a week to improve your brain power.

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask, when you are in doubt. With internet, we can google on any search engine to find the answer. Even when we are in discussion with others, it is good to ask question if there is something which you are unsure of.

Improve your language skill

We communicate with others with our usual language, thus it is important to improve our language skill. Be it English, Chinese, Malay or other languages, with good foundation of language help us to convey our message in clear and precise manner.

Move outside our comfort zone

Many a time, we are too comfortable with our existing environment or the way we do thing each day. These make us constraint our thinking and the way we handle each task, If we can step out of the comfort zone, do thing slightly different or handle thing with another method, we will see new effect and create another useful solution. We can start with using different route to work or other mode of transport. We will see thing differently and encounter a different experience leading to new perspective in our daily life.

Stay relax and keep your stress level low

When we are under stress, our body may produce dangerous compounds damaging the brain cells. The stress hormone cortisol level will affect the hippocampus negatively, and since hippocampus is the brain area responsible for short-term memory we will not be able to remember things in our day-to-day life.





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