If We Want To Achieve Our Goals, We Must Control Our Thoughts

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Control Our Thoughts

One of the main reasons I notice based on my own experiences, of not achieving my own goal, is not having enough strong thoughts about my goal.

Many times, when I set my goal, I did not spend a lot of time thinking about it. After I set the goal on paper or note, I put it aside and did not find the effort to reread it and think hard enough to achieve it.

The goal that I set is just a paper setting, and I did not take action to realize it. That is the reason why I fail to achieve it.

I could also get distracted by other issues in my life, and I move on to other matters. Therefore, the goal that I set initially does not materialize and I fail to achieve it.

How To Correct It?

The way to rectify this problem is to start putting effort into controlling my thoughts. I need to direct my thoughts in the direction I wish to accomplish. If I want to create content more often, I need to find time to work on it.

First, I would need to allocate time to sit in front of my computer and start researching what topics I wish to write about. Therefore, do some research on the internet, and see other people’s views on this topic. Is there anything I can learn from them? If not, think about a better solution.

Use A Tracking Sheet Like Google Sheet To Track My Activities

I have started to use Google Sheets to track my daily activities.

This is one method I find very effective in controlling my thoughts. Tracking what I am doing or plan to complete on that day, forces me to do the necessary activities I need to accomplish.

I used it to track my content creation on my websites and monitor how long it takes to complete them.

It has helped me to achieve some success, of course, I still get sidetracked most of the time by other issues in my daily life. However, I find it is effective and help me to make progress.

My Own Success Story

There are some goals that I manage to achieve after I set them. One of the good ones is completing my marathon.

I have run various marathon runs in Singapore, completing 5 of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

This year, I decided to complete one. I wish to complete one more Marathon Run before I reach 60 years old. I started to practice my run last year and completed 22km on the 1st day of this year 2022. That is the beginning of my success story.

What are the lessons I can pick up from my own success story? I take action, allocate time, and put effort to do the work.

I have completed my SAFRA Half Marathon and run at least 28km so far. The next target is to run 33km per the Running Department plan. The schedule for this run is on 12th Nov 2022 Saturday at East Coast Park, Parklane Green. I am excited to take on this challenge.

Following and learning from other experts helps to realize and improve my success.

Latest Update on my marathon: I completed my full marathon within 5 hours. Horay to my achievement.

Use Tool To Motivate Me

There are a lot of means I can use to motivate myself to achieve my goal. I am using my internet service now, listening to YouTube Motivation Music while I work on my content creation.

With the right music and motivational background music, it helps to set my mind with the right attitude and create a positive feeling in me. That really helps.

I also make use of my Apple Watch, set up the timer at 25 minutes, and focus on my work continuously without disruption. That will speed up my content writing.

Final Thought

Take action and keep doing it until you see the result
Take Action and Keep Doing It until you see the result

A goal without action will not produce any result, and a goal that is set and forgotten is useless.

I would suggest that put our goal in a prominent place so we can see it clearly every day. Put a sign in your home office, paste it in front of your bathroom mirror, or put a note on your smartphone and set reminders every single day.

Remind yourself every day about the goal you set and keep doing it until you see the result.


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