Building your brain power with words

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Words are the working tools of our brain. It is the means by which we can express our thoughts. With precision of language, thoughts gain clarity as well as ease of expression, and communication with others improve. We do not need to use long words, it is not better than short words. The most important is the ideas, not the length of the words.

In the past, people need to buy dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, encyclopedias. But, in this internet world, many people are turning to internet using search engine to find answer. Smart phone and in near future Smart Watch will allow us to search for the knowledge we want. All these portable devices allow us to learn anytime, anywhere.

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A well-developed vocabulary will lead to a well-developed mind. We can start by looking up one word in common usage every day. As we are reading our daily newspaper, select one word and then look in up in our smartphone for the exact meaning, even if you think you are already know its definition. The word whose precise meaning you have always been curious or wanted to know more. You can also say the word out loud several times until you are at ease with its sound.

Go for useful words, words that describe objects, actions. Do this every day, add the word to your speaking vocabulary casually. The important thing to remember is not to try too hard to learn. Just relax and enjoy your learning.

The beginning of wisdom, as the wise man said, is to know that you do not know.


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