10 ways to train your Frontal Lobe

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One of the methods in training our frontal lobe, is reducing our time watching TV program and do more activities like speaking, writing, active discussion and presentation. By improving our frontal brain power, it help to reduce the chances of getting dementia. Start the training early, and it will improve our productivity and give us a better life.

Here, I would like to suggest 10 different ways you can use to improve your frontal lobe brain power:

1. Learn a foreign language

This is one of the best ways to train our frontal lobe. You may learn Japanese, Chinese or Malay during your free times. Repeat watching your favorite foreign movie is one way, or attending seminar you like. When you come to the unknown, make it a effort to check the meaning and provide the answer to yourself. With the focus in Asia market, learning these languages will help you to broaden your network.

learn foreign language

improve your frontal lobe

2. Have a dream and set your goal

Have you ever dream that one day you will become somebody or getting your dream object?

Our inner most logging is in our dream. If we pursue our dream with passion, our life is going to be more happy and healthy. Therefore, make yourself a dream and set your goal. When we dream about the thing we want, tendency we will love to do it willingly and with more determination. When we do the thing we are passionate about, we will not feel as a work but find it more fun.

dream big and achieve it

Have a dream and a goal

3. Finish those small little things

Successful people have the habit of finishing small things at first, before they succeeding their big tasks. We too, need to complete those small little things. By finish one thing at a time, we can achieve big things eventually.

Start with small thing which we can easily complete, this will help to build up our confidence and lead us to do the next bigger task.

One step at a time

stat with your little thing

4. Work first and enjoy later

Cultivate the habit of “Work first, enjoy later” kind of attitude in your life. For example, you can ask yourself to do exercise run training first, before you sit down and relax watching movie. Creating good contents on your website to lead more traffic, thus getting higher opportunities to present your products and services to potential buyers. With income generating, you then can enjoy a better life in the near future. Think along this line, and you will succeed in most of your works.

Work hard now to enjoy your life later

First do your work then enjoy your lfe

5. Find your own solution, before checking others

Most of the students would have done their maths papers. Majority of them have the tendency turning to the answer sheet for solution, before attempting to solve it themselves. This is not the good way to master your maths. You need to try out yourself first, solving the question without looking at the answer sheet. When we do this, we are training our frontal lobe to improve our brain power. As we practice this technique more, we will become better and better in mastering the skill we need.

solve it by yourself first

Before you check other solutions, try it yourself

6. You need executing power to complete your task

The difference between our front and back brain function, is that our back brain mainly handling the feeling, sensing functions whereas our front brain is directing our action and activities. The brain at our front head will direct our activities and do the executing work. The back brain will then receive all the signals.

In order to train our frontal lobe, it is advisable to do simple exercise daily like sit up or push up at home. While we are doing the simple exercise, sometime we run into trouble or problem and our brain will guide us in handling all these difficulties. Thus, creating an opportunity to train our frontal lobe.

more exercise to improve our executing power

exercise need discipline

7. Shut off your back brain for sometime

When you talk about shutting down the back brain, it refers to closing our eyes, praying, meditation, and going to a quite place. That give your brain a time for rest. Meditation allow you to keep your thoughts and emotions from interruption and make any judgemental decision.

After shutting down our back brain, what must we do? Do nothing?

No. We can find out what our inner most want us to do in our life. We can recall whether we have completed those small little things. We can think about what life is all about and many other things we wish to do. When the back brain is shut, it help to bring up our desire in life and the things we long to have in our life. This is great moment for us to reflex in our life.

meditation to release our inner desire

shut off our back brain

 8. Top – down life style

Our back brain is just like the lens of a camera, it takes it outside signals and send back to our brain in front, the frontal lobe. If we rely too much on outside signals to determine our lifestyle, we will be in trouble. Take for example, we always perceive that having a lot of money, big car and housing and a fit body will lead us to a good life in this world. But these are outside signals giving you false perception.

When we use the top-down approach in our life style,  we decide our own happiness. What other people have in their life, it has nothing to do with my own life. We can create our unique life style and enjoy our happy life. Every single moment of our decision, will lead us to the better life we want.

We decide our own, not others. Remember this and you will have a life of your own.

live the life you want

you decide your own happiness

9. Treasure everyone you meet

Our frontal lobe help us to balance our human relationship. If there is damage to our brain in front, our relationship with others is going to suffer.

In order to train our frontal lobe, we must treasure each and everyone we meet in our life. Not just our family, friend and co-workers but we need to include many other people we encounter, even at a very brief moment. We will feel peace within ourselves when we have this thought in mind, and we will tend to treat others with kindness.

kind to all people we meet

this is the life we should have

10. Be a big tree never fall

Good habits like Patience, endurance, self-discipline come mainly from our frontal lobe. People with this good characters tend to be more trustworthy and provide security we wish to associate with.

Aim to be a big tree that provide shelter to others and never fall. You will feel at peace within yourself and your surrounding family, friends, colleagues will also become bless in life.

give bless to others

providing shelter to others

With the above suggested ways to improve your brain power, you may wish to have a good diets to supplement your brain functions. Here is the link you can visit to:  Diets You should never forget.


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